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Our Expertise

Our company has decades of experience supporting, running, and consulting all types of B2B outbound marketing efforts.  Our expertise ranges from but is not limited to: webinar recruitment, lead generation/qualification, live event recruitment, reseller support, appointment setting, and sales pipeline management.  A proven track record working with or on behalf of companies like:  Ingram Micro, Symantec, Cisco, Trend Micro, CA, Apple, HP, Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Lenovo, IBM, Adobe, Juniper, Veeam, Xerox and many more.  We play a key role in the Demand Generation process, priding ourselves on making the right connections that lead to real results.  In a market that is flooded with statistics regarding what type of marketing to use, we believe that hard work, truth, and solution oriented thinking is the key to victory with our client.


We maintain a collaborative effort with all of our clients to ensure the success of each and every project we complete.  Our motto at HLM is that “every connection counts” and that there is something gained from every single connection and campaign we complete. Integrity is the key to our business. We have a results-driven professionalism that allows our company to build sustainable relationships with all of our clients. The success we strive to attain is a direct result of continuous determination and hard work.  We look forward to working with you to help play a role in the success of your marketing efforts.


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